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Dr. Chelsie

Ice Cube & Sun Meditations

Now that you know how to do a focused meditation, and have pain relief by turning down the pain signal, there are many other medications you can do that will help you control your pain. A lot of us have use of ice or heat as those alternative treatments, but we cannot always find ice… Read the full article

AWSOME DAY – Even With Pain!

When you have chronic pain is easy to feel like every day is chalked up to another same old same old. Though, there are days where the stars align, our pain levels are managed, and we have an awesome day. In the beginning, these days are rare – though with knowing a few tricks, you… Read the full article

I Was Treated Like An Addict…

If you take prescription pain meds, you probably already had a few times where you were treated like an addict. Everything from having to sign a multi-page contract on when, where, and how you take your pain meds, receive them, and even carry them around to peeing in a cup, having family and friends not… Read the full article

9 Minute Pain Solution

9 Minute Pain Solution by Dr Chelsie

What The F#@% Is All The Cussing About?!

There have been a few articles and pop-media contributions about cussing and if it is good or bad and what it says about us as people. Basically it is simple and not easy. Pros: If you are a person who cusses (I admit I am). Then you are said to have a more honest communication,… Read the full article