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Dr. Chelsie

About Me


Hello, I am Dr. Chelsie Reed, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Arizona. I have a PhD in Psychology, General Research and Evaluation from Walden University and received my Masters in Counseling from Arizona State University. I have worked with many populations including emotionally disabled children in the school system, crisis work, outpatient substance abuse clinic, rapid response in the hospitals, and private practice in in Scottsdale and Chandler. I have been in practice over 10 years treating ages 4+ and at my current location since 2010.I am married to a native Arizonan who works as an electrical engineer in RF design, have an adorable son, our “Lovie” daughter, and have two playful black and red dachshunds. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, eating, travel, reading (like a fish), brewing beer, and spending time with my friends and family. I volunteer to help charities throw parties and by running the “Book Clinic” at my son’s school. I believe in being in the moment and using my energy to enjoy each moment for what it has to bring. Perfection is not obtainable, happiness is.

Why Sex?

I began wanting to be in mental health after some family counseling as a child. I realized that I always wanted to help others, but unlike my parents, a nurse and firefighter for the Army, I did not want to be on my feet all day. I then realized that talking to others, helping them sort out their problems and being an emotion support as what I did naturally as a kid and it progressed, and increased as a teen. As my Mom taught Sex Education at my Junior High school, I was then asked many questions about sex, tampons, condoms, and many other issues; I was the go-to-girl for real information on sex. I then found that I chose many of my classes in college based on my already founded knowledge of sex. After having the basic human sexuality courses, anthropology of sex and marriage, courtship and marriage, and many others, I was told by a guidance counselor that I already have a focus for my Masters clinical practice – sex. It then was simple to add conferences and more classes to solidify my specialization and begin practicing. I have since then continued to enjoy helping others in a way that many people feel uncomfortable and know that for me, it is an area I feel confident and secure in helping them.

Why Pain?

As I stated above, my mom is a nurse and to add to that, a single mom for many years. As kids, my brother and I spent many holidays in the staff break room hanging out or helping with menial tasks as my Mom worked for overtime and holiday pay. I feel that having her influence makes me comfortable with medical jargon and practices and thus I continued this into my clinical arena. I also noticed that Pain in another area, like sex, that is under-treated. I often see people who are depressed, have loss of sense of self, and overall unhappy when managing pain in their lives. I have since then increased my education and practice to help those in pain. I stay up-to-date with medical practices and changes to best help my clients. Also, though not required, I have had my own pain issues including chronic migraines; though I do not believe that someone needs to have been in your shoes to help you with your situation. We are all individuals and I seek to understand each of my clients and how their experience of life affects their overall well-being.

I look forward to helping you make lasting change for a better quality of life!


The exciting and independent world of private practice is often daunting. Even seasoned practitioners lose focus of newer ways to market, streamline the business of practice, and stay up-to-date with a multitude of requirements. Dr. Chelsie can help mentor new or experienced clinicians to get on or off insurance panels, tap into affordable marketing, create proper legal documentation required by the board and the state, protect your business, handle business taxes and accounts, create business goals, and stay HEPA compliant as the regulations change – just to start.

A well-rounded connect clinician in private practice needs to spend time on their clinical work and passions. Creating a secure business foundation frees you up to grow and thrive as a practitioner. Begin your path to independence and security with a friend at your side.