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Dr. Chelsie

Pain Management


Physical pain, either chronic or after an injury, often changes our lives in many ways that are unpredictable:

  • Mood
  • Functionality
  • Relationships
  • Roles and Duties
  • Overall Sense of Self

Our sense of well-being and stability in life are undermined by the pain. Take charge of your physical pain to understand it, decrease the pain, increase participation in life, set appropriate limits, and overall gain quality of life.

Online Pain Management Course

By Dr. Chelsie Reed, PhD, LPC

Gain Quality Of Life By Understanding & Controlling Your Pain,

Not Letting It Control You!


Fast          Affordable          Effective

Comparable to seeing me for in office counseling 6+ times BUT Costs A Lot Less!



This course provides videos to help you in the privacy of your own home, at a time that is convenient to you and I made it affordable to encourage you to confront this issue without hesitation or concern of financial impact.

Here’s an outline of what my course covers:

  • Recognize Pain as It Effects Body, Mind, & Emotions
  • Identify YOUR Limitations and Abilities
  • Increase Coping Skills for Pain
  • Manage YOUR Energy and Effectiveness in Life
  • Understand YOUR Changing Roles and Increase Self-Esteem
  • Gain Control of YOUR Good Days and Bad Days for Quality of Life


6 Simple Lessons That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

Lesson 1  – Describe YOUR Pain

Lesson 2 – Describe YOUR Abilities and Limitations

Lesson 3 – Coping Skills

Lesson 4 – Make It Count!

Lesson 5 – Self Worth — YOUR Roles and Self – Esteem

Lesson 6 – Personal Pain scale to CONTROL your pain



Here’s An Introduction To My Online Pain Management Course


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