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Dr. Chelsie

Sexual Health


Dr. Chelsie specializes in Sex Therapy including physical and mental challenges. If your problems arose over time, due to trauma, after an illness or accident, or you never had a good foundation for a healthy sexuality – there is help. Desire, passion, intimacy, and sex are all intertwined to create a healthy sexuality. Once we have a healthy personal sexuality, it is important, to most, to then share this and create a healthy and satisfying – or AMAZING – sex life.

DO NOT settle for a lack-luster sex life that includes:

    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Lack of Desire
    • Lack of Intimacy
    • Lack of Orgasm
    • Lack of Passion
    • Lack of Satisfaction
    • Lack of Understanding
    • Loneliness
    • Physical Pain
    • Sadness
    • Sexual Addiction

You deserve a healthy sexuality and sex life. Dr. Chelsie wants to help you overcome your problems and connect with the healthy you.

Dr. Chelsie is a registered Kinked Knowledgeable Professional (KKP) and is aware, sensitive, and has worked with, a multitude of different sexual relationship types and practices. Those in kink, poly, BDSM, Master/slave, and ALL relationship types are welcome to seek treatment with Dr. Chelsie.

Please note that Dr. Chelsie also treats children and young adults with sexual issues and concerns as well (ages 4 and up).

Online Erectile Dysfunction Course

By Dr. Chelsie Reed, PhD, LPC

Private           Affordable          Effective


More Than 2 Hours of Video Content & 28 Worksheets In 11 Lessons

Comparable to seeing me for in office counseling 15+ times BUT Costs 50% Less!



This course provides videos and worksheets to help you in the privacy of your own home, at a time that is convenient to you and I made it affordable to encourage you to confront this issue without hesitation or concern of financial impact. Here’s an outline of what my course covers:


Lesson 1 – Physical or mental?
Before you put in time and effort, find out if you have a physical problem and need to see an MD and/or need help with the emotional, behavioral, or relationship issues that can be helped with this course.

Lesson 2 – What is ED and what type do I have?
This section describes 8 main categories of erectile dysfunction and helps you understand which you may have and what underlining concerns and issues may be causing the problem.

Lesson 3 – What is good sex?
This section describes the parts of good sex and help you define what is “good” and what “goals” you may have for sex in your life.

Lesson 4 – What is “Normal”?
This section reviews what is “normal” about penis size, girth, duration, frequency, etc. in a man’s sex life.

Lesson 5 – Can I control it?
This section helps you prepare your mind to be strong and create the foundation for controlling your sexual response.

Lesson 6 – Is it too much or not enough for me?
This section focuses in on the part of our senses and how they affect the experience of sex. Balancing your ability to be stimulated, but not over stimulated can be key in sexual response.

Lesson 7 – What about a quick fix?
This is the FUN quick fixes, toys, and tricks that can provide a “duct-tape” fix to the problem (though not fix any underlying psychological issues).

Lesson 8 – Did my past or thinking create this problem?
Find out how your past information, education, and experiences with sex could have created your thoughts and some of the problems you face with sex.

Lesson 9 – How do I make us both happy?
Sex is more fun with a partner! Lets address your needs and wants as well as how to communicate and figure out how to make you both happy!

Lesson 10 – How can I best “succeed” at sex?
The best sex of your life can be had as well as making your sex life more reliably “successful” in orgasm and mutual satisfaction.

Lesson 11 – Am I any good at sex?
Combine all that you have learned in the course and your life to see how much of a Sexpert you truly are and how to buff and polish as needed to be sexually fulfilled.



Here’s An Introduction To My Online Erectile Dysfunction Course


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