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Dr. Chelsie

Category for Couples

Initiating Sex

It is surprising to some people that initiating sex can be almost insurmountable to some – like the summit of Kilimanjaro. There seems to be an unwritten code or list of ways to get things going, but I have found that couples at ANY stage of the relationship may have a hard time starting sex,… Read the full article

Just Sharing or Non-Consensual Porn?: Sexting revisited

  In a fun-loving moment you get a message with a sexy photo. Fun, cute, titillating, harmless. What you do with it, though, can be quite different. Non-Consensual Porn (NCP) is also known as “Revenge-Porn” due to it seeming to begin with Exs who would release videos and photos after the love affair has ended…. Read the full article